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Catholic Review of: Rediscover Advent

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Author:  Matthew Kelly

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This item received 4 stars overall. (04/28/2012)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Intermediate

 Joy BaileyBy Joy Bailey (PA) - See all my reviews


Rediscover Advent, a devotional look at the readings of Advent

Evaluator Comments

Rediscover Advent
Matthew Kelly
Rediscover Advent, the devotional by Matthew Kelly, provides a multi layered approach to the readings of Advent. With reflections taken largely from his earlier book Rediscover Catholicism each day have the citations for the readings of the day,  a reflection, a meditation with guiding questions and a prayer ~ while the reflection and meditation change daily the prayer is the same for the week providing a nice continuity. Theme for Week 1. is Hope, Week 2. Peace, Week 3. Joy, and finally Week 4. Love.

While the readings for each day are provided and you are encouraged to read them, a pertinent quote for each day is provided from the readings if you don't have the time.  The readings and reflections would likely take one 10 - 20 minutes a day depending on whether you read the readings or not.  One area of puzzlement of the book is that while the citations for the readings of all three cycles are given for the Sunday readings, only one set of citations is provided for the daily readings and I believe there are two cycles.

For purposes of this review I read the book quickly ( several reflections at a time), but thinks the daily format would work very well for an individual or a family seeking a structured approach to prayer this advent which include the readings.  I like the weekly themes and the possible connection with the Advent liturgies; for example week three's theme of joy starting on Gaudete Sunday. I found the reflections interesting and very appropriate which is a little surprising coming from another book, and good food for thought in the meditation questions.  I definitely plan on rereading the book this Advent at a more pensive pace.

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