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Catholic Review of: A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms

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Author:  Lisa Hendey

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This item received 5 stars overall. (12/10/2011)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Easy

 Shannon GriffinBy Shannon Griffin (MO) - See all my reviews


A wonderful resource all Catholic homes should have

Evaluator Comments

A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms is a wonderful resource all catholic homes should have. This book is all that I have been searching for and wanting.  It's just what busy moms and houses have been looking for. The readings and activites are simple and fun. This is one book you will find yourself reaching for over and over.
I love that many of the saints are lesser known and not ones you might think of right off the bat. From the Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, to a  virtually unknown Kateri Tekakwitha . You will have 52 saints to get you through the year. This book would be a wonderful addition to a family study. Spend the year learning about the saints. For each saint the author has included: 
  • Stories: A brief biography of the saint
  • Lessons: reflections of what each saint taught her
  • Traditions: popular devotions or practices associated with each saint
  • Wisdom: a quote from the saint or about the saint
  • Scripture: Daily verses to aid in your prayers each day, inspired by the saint
  • Activities: a week long project for you to do alone and another to do with your children
  • Family Prayer: to be shared with the family daily
  • Something to Ponder: simple questions to reflect through out the week 
I have been reading this for a while now add can't wait to startthe year doing this with my children. I know that we will not only learn so much but enrich our faith and grow so much. This book is one that can be done out of the order in the book and once you are done start right back again.
Don't have kids yet? This book is still a book you could get so much out of as a single person or married with out kids. The author writes in such a simple delightful way.  Pray and Learn with the saints.
Have friends that are asking you about Saints and why they are so important to Catholics? This book would be a wonderful introduction to them and they would learn so much about Saints.
This book is a wonderful treasure for any Catholic home and should be on every Catholic households bookshelf.
thank you tiber river for sending me a review copy.
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