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Catholic Review of: Bible Timeline Guided Journal

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  • Average Rating: This item received 4 stars overall.
  • Ascension Press
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This item received 4 stars overall. (12/31/2011)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Intermediate

 Dorian SpeedBy Dorian Speed (TX) - See all my reviews


Structured reflection on Scripture based on the popular Catholic Bible study

Evaluator Comments

Ascension Press' Bible Timeline Guided Journal is meant to serve as a supplement to the very popular Bible study, The Great Adventure Bible Timeline. Whether you have previously completed a Great Adventure Bible study or are newly embarking upon a journey to better understand the Bible, this journal will provide a structure for your reading of Scripture and reflection upon the story of salvation history.

The journal is set up to act as a 90-day reading plan for the 14 books of the Bible that form the structure of the Great Adventure series. The series focuses on twelve periods of salvation history, showing how God's covenants with humanity expanded and helping readers to better understanding the overall story of Scripture. Each section of the journal begins with an overview that summarizes the Scripture you'll be reading, raises key points to keep in mind, and mentions key people and events.

Each journal entry consists of a two-page spread divided into three sections. First, you can check off the reading for the day after you've completed it. In the "Remember This" section, make notes about what you've read. On the opposite page, there is space for "Questions I have" and "My prayer response." The prayer responses often provide suggestions of other Scriptural references that shed light on the meaning behind what you've just studied. There's quite a lot packed into each two-page spread, while leaving ample room for one's own notes and reflection.

While the Great Adventure program traditionally uses a detailed binder for note-taking and discussion, I could see using a classroom set of these journals if the goal were to focus more on reflection on the themes contained within the study. This would also be handy if you've gone through a Great Adventure study in the past and wanted to refresh your memory and better integrate the lessons you've learned into your daily spirituality.

This slim volume is small enough to be slipped into a purse or briefcase, and provides enough structure to encourage deep reflection on Scripture without being so scripted that it feels more  like homework than like true journal-keeping. While I wouldn't consider this an essential component of the study, it is a nice enhancement.

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