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Catholic Review of: Saint Therese And the Roses - A Vision Book

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Author:  Helen Walker Homan

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This item received 5 stars overall. (07/06/2012)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Children

Mrs. Amy HutchesonBy Mrs. Amy Hutcheson (MO) - See all my reviews


a wonderful children's book of the life of St. Therese

Evaluator Comments

Saint Therese and The Roses by Helen Walker Homan, illustrated by George W. Thompson, published by Ignatius Press, 9 chapters, 149 pages, part of the Vision Book Series. "Saint Therese" is another wonderful book from the Vision Book Series, written in 1955. It tells the story of St. Therese, a much beloved Catholic saint. The Vision Book Series is a wonderful addition to any family book shelf, but especially to the home schooling family's book shelf. With their extremely descriptive stories that make you feel as though you have stepped back in time and are truly living out the story in your hands. Also there is a teacher's companion book to the Vision Book Series, which not all Vision Books are listed in, although "Saint Therese" is, Saints of the Church, which gives you vocabulary, timelines, topics for reports and much more, making it perfect to plan a unit study off of the one book. "Saint Therese" walks you through the life of Therese Martin, a sweet girl who lived a very short life, and promised to send a shower of roses from heaven after her death. This book sends the better part, 7 chapters, on St. Therese's early life before she joined the Carmelite Sisters. The Last 2 chapters are spent on St. Therese's life as a sister and gives wonderful examples of her "little way", always doing the most disliked chores and tasks, but always doing them with a smile and for the glory of God. Not long after finishing her book "A Story of A Soul" and not quite 25 years old, St. Therese succumbed to the tuberculosis that had plagued her. A short 27 years later the Holy Father named Therese of the Child Jesus, St. Therese, she has been showering the earth with roses ever since. 

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