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Catholic Review of: Great Adventure Kid's Pack

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Jeff Cavins
Emily Cavins
Sarah Christmyer

  • Average Rating: This item received 4 1/2 stars overall.
  • Ascension Press
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This item received 4 stars overall. (07/24/2012)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Children

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Pricey, but unique

Evaluator Comments

Do you wish that there were more Catholic resources that help you to teach your children about the Bible? Many people complain that there is not much to offer in the area of Bible study within the Catholic faith.

Well, Emily Cavins, wife of Jeff Cavins the well known developer of the Great Adventures Bible Study, has developed a Bible program for young children. In the Great Adventures Kid's pack, there is a set of cards, a Bible timeline, a coloring book, a set of beads, and a bookmark that all go together to offer a comprehensive program for children.

My children love to play card games so I knew that the cards would be the most popular item in the Kid's Pack. I pulled the cards out and we played "Go Fish". The game started out a little complicated because we started identifying the cards by color and soon realized that there are several shades of red and blue. We then decided to identify the cards by the picture in the corner. I think the kids would have learned more during game play if the cards had the name of the era that they represent written on the top in addition to the picture.

The coloring book is huge! I love the size and the fact that the pages are a crisp white color. Each page has a Bible story on it and the entire book follows the order of the timeline and cards. The illustrations are interesting and overall, the coloring book is of great quality.

As a whole, I think that this Kid's Pack is a great idea and is beautiful and ideal for children of all ages. In my opinion, the price is a little more than I would be willing to pay since it does not include much in the way of resources. Considering there is nothing else geared for Catholic children like this, I suppose the high price is warranted, though. 

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