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Catholic Review of: Unplanned

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Author:  Abby Johnson

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This item received 4 stars overall. (02/15/2012)

Orthodoxy: Mostly adheres to Church teachings.
Reading Level: Easy

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Awesome Pro-Life Book!!

Evaluator Comments

"Unplanned" by Abby Johnson is the true story of a woman who started as an abortion-minded director of Planned Parenthood who is now one of America's most famous pro-life advocates. If not for an ultrasound guided abortion that she took part in, Abby may not have changed her mind about the sanctity of human life. The book goes on to detail information about how she was treated by Planned Parenthood administrators, especially when she made her decision to step down from her position as director. The story also gives a glimpse of what the people at "40 Days For Life" are doing on a daily basis. The most amazing part of Abby's story is that it would not be as highly publicized if not for Planned Parenthood taking legal actions against Abby. When media heard of the lawsuits, that is when they asked Abby to share her story.
I read this moving story in less than three days. It was so well written that I could not put the book down. Some of the insider information about the reality of Planned Parenthood had me in tears. I could not believe that I had been so blind to what they really do inside these clinics. Abby's choice to share personal information made this book very relatable. I love that this book not only chronicles the move from "pro-choice" to "pro-life", but also tells of the power of prayer to change anyone and anything! I think that this book could make a difference to teens and college students who are being confronted by the realities of the "pro-choice" culture in which we now live. I also think that anyone who is unsure about what "Planned Parenthood" is really about should have a copy of this book.

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