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Catholic Review of: The Way

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This item received 5 stars overall. (06/23/2012)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Advanced

 Laura O'NeillBy Laura O'Neill (AK) - See all my reviews


The Way will both entertain and challenge you to consider how to better grow in faith.

Evaluator Comments

While I enjoy partaking of some hits that come out of Hollywood, I often find myself longing for a film that both entertains and calls one to grow in some aspect of a personal nature. The Way, staring Martin Sheen, is just the kind of movie I love to find as it does both entertain and challenge.

Martin Sheen plays Tom, a doctor in America, who’s life is about to take a dramatic change all because of a phone call. That phone call comes from a French police officer who is notifying him of the sudden death of his son and only child. Tom dutifully travels to France with his only mission to identify his son’s body and take care of his remains. But, the Holy Spirit has a way of working and with a conviction he didn’t know was in him, Tom decides to embark on the historical pilgrimage known as “The Way of St. James” to finish the journey his son had begun.

With his son’s equipment and little knowledge of what lies ahead, Tom embarks on the journey. Along the way, he gains a few traveling companions, all of whom have their own reason to make the long trek through France and Spain. In the end, he will come to discover the difference between “the way we live and the life we choose.”

I invited my older boys to join me in watching this film for a movie night and while they were hesitant at first, they enjoyed it as well. It got my teen and I talking about whether as a family we could make a pilgrimage like this. Walking like Martin Sheen’s character does would take several weeks and the boys said there is no way the youngest son could be on such a long walking trip. But, I now have the seed of an idea for something the family could do. Making a pilgrimage seems like such an ‘old-fashioned’ idea to some, yet after viewing this particular film I can see how much growth in faith could occur and make the difficulties well worth it.

Aside from the yearning to make some kind of pilgrimage in the future with the family, I enjoyed seeing the scenic views in the film. Emilio Estevez did a fabulous job as both writer and director of this film. Everything is authentic as the filming occurred throughout France and Spain along El Camino de Santiago. Aside from Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez, the other actors were not recognizable to me from films I’ve watched in the past. Yet, they came together to create a compelling story that both Catholic and non-Catholic alike can appreciate.

The Way is available on DVD.

For those that enjoy trailers, I hope you enjoy this one.

The Way Trailer - Official Trailer & Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez Exclusive Interview from SideReel on Vimeo.


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