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Catholic Review of: Catholic Family Fun

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Author:  Sarah Reinhard

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This item received 5 stars overall. (06/12/2012)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Easy

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Easy Fun for the Whole Family

Evaluator Comments

"Catholic Family Fun" by Sarah Reinhard is a book chock full of family fun ideas for the Catholic family. The activities are divided into categories: Are we having fun yet?, At Home, Out and Around, and Faith and Fun. Each category is then sub-divided. All of the activities begin with the amount of preparation needed, the duration, and the cost of the activity. Then the activities are described in a step-by-step format, and topped off with a "faith angle" to give the family ideas to make each activity more "Catholic".

I started by reading through this book like I do a good cookbook. I read each activity idea to see if it is something that I would like to put to use in my own home. I chose many of them to complete this summer while my children and I are home and need to do something to fill the time. Every activity listed in the book is completely "do-able" and many are unique.

I think that busy parents will appreciate that Sarah wrote this book in a way that they can just open it and begin implementing the ideas inside. If any parent is struggling with being present to their children, they will most definitely want a copy of this book. My personal goal is to complete every activity in this book with my children. I know that if I can say we completed them all, that I have given my children memories to last a lifetime. 

"Catholic Family Fun" is not a craft book or a book full of things for the children to do on their own. Every single activity in this book is meant for the entire family to do together. This is a unique book in a time when families rarely sit down to a meal together (there's a whole chapter devoted to making meals fun, by the way!) and it is much needed, not only for Catholic families, but for all families. 

The bottom line, buy this book. You will not be disappointed! As Catholic parents, we need to set the stage for our children to enjoy life and grow to be saints and implementing some of the fun ideas in this book is going to help!


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