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Catholic Review of: All Ye Lands Student Text

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This item received 5 stars overall. (07/06/2012)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Children

Mrs. Amy HutchesonBy Mrs. Amy Hutcheson (MO) - See all my reviews


6th grade Catholic textbook of world history and geography

Evaluator Comments

All Ye Lands, World Cultures and Geography published by Ignatius Press, part of the Catholic Schools Textbook Project, 6th grade, 16 chapters, 352 pages. "All Ye Lands" is a wonderfully put together textbook for early jr. high history classes. This textbook starts with a chapter introducing geography to the student, how to read maps, longitude and latitude are explained. As well as the continents, the water systems, geographical terms, and the climates. The following chapters go from pre-history, old testament Biblical history to ancient Greece and Rome. It spends a chapter on the gift of Christianity, and the life of Jesus. It covers such topics Byzantine Rite and the rise of Islam. Right up to South America in the 1800's. This textbook is filled with beautiful pictures and illustrations throughout, all with captions. Vocabulary words are in bold print in each chapter with a definition box in the side column. The impact that the Catholic church and Christianity has had in the shaping of the world around us is highlighted throughout this textbook.  All of the chapters end with a review page with not only review questions but with several points for the student to consider. A bonus at the end of each chapter is an easy recipe for your student to make on there own. At the end of the book is an index. This is a great book to follow the 5th grade book "From Sea to Shining Sea, The Story of America". Or to stand on it's own. I do not own the teacher textbook manual for this book, but have not found that I have ever needed it. The textbook follows along at a very easy to read, and easy to plan pace. We have very much enjoyed using this book with our home schooling.

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