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Catholic Review of: Rediscovering Catholicism

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Author:  Matthew Kelly

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This item received 3 stars overall. (06/03/2009)

Orthodoxy: Mostly adheres to Church teachings.
Reading Level: Easy

 Breanne ClarkeBy Breanne Clarke (CO) - See all my reviews


A great book for discussion in spite of the motivational fluff.

Evaluator Comments

Rediscovering Catholicism has gained a lot of popularity because it is part of the Catholics Come Home campaign that is bringing Catholics back to the Church in record numbers.  I have been reading it as part of a book study and have to say that the conversation it inspires is far superior to the book itself.  Now let me be clear: the book is orthodox.  There are a couple things that Matthew Kelly probably overemphasizes at the expense of more important topics, but orthodoxy is not in question.

The book does a good job of drawing the reader deeper into the mystery of Catholicism.  Each successive chapter is meatier than the one before it.  He begins with a discussion on the relevancy of religion and Catholicism and the question of holiness in the world.  By the end of the book he has touched on the Eucharist and Confession as well as the saints, the Bible, the Mass and prayer.

The writing style reminds me of business books.  It uses many analogies, anecdotes and catch phrases.  While these help to make his points more memorable, they can also be a little distracting while reading.  His expressions, "the best version of yourself", and "spiritual North Star" are peppered throughout the book and at one point he even quotes himself.  

Rediscovering Catholicism is the perfect book for Catholics who may have drifted away from the Church or are looking for the motivation necessary to start living their Faith in the real world outside of Mass.  This is not a book for Catholics who are strong in the Faith and interested in serious apologetics and theology.  As the title suggests, this is for people who want to rediscover the richness of their Catholic faith.


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