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Catholic Review of: The New Faithful

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Author:  Colleen Carroll Campbell

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This item received 4 stars overall. (09/16/2009)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Easy

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New Trends from Generation X - with Statistics

Evaluator Comments

In A Nutshell

In recent years, polls and statistics concerning the religious sentiments of young adults have turned up some surprising results. The growing popularity of such things as the traditional Latin Mass and other traditional services in mainline Protestant churches as well as organizations such as Promise Keepers and the True Love Waits campaign indicate that there is a small but significant number of young adults who are embracing Christian orthodoxy, traditional religion, and conventional morality. These young adults—members of Generation X—display traditionalist leanings similar to those of their grandparents' generation despite the more liberal tendencies of their parents' generation. They differ from their grandparents' generation, however, in that they came to their orthodox views despite the popular culture of their time—many of these young adults were never instructed in conventional morality or raised with traditional practices, but have sought them out and hold on to them vehemently. This is a unique group among the American faithful and a significant one for the future of the Church and for America.

These individuals voice their beliefs and views publicly on occasion, but their story and profile have for some time remained largely untold. Colleen Carroll's The New Faithful is an extensive account of the growing trend toward orthodoxy told by the young orthodox believers themselves. The New Faithful gives insight into how these young people came to their faith, why they hold on to it, and what they think it means for the future. The stories these young people relate are compelling, and Carroll's discernment and presentation are exceptional. Carroll includes all the necessary statistics in this journalistic work, but she also writes poetically—painting the portrait of these young adults' lives and faith. This is an important book for leaders in the Church to better understand the kind of spiritual hunger that exists in today's young adults. I highly recommend this hope-filled book.

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