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Catholic Review of: The Fulfillment of All Desire

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Author:  Ralph Martin

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This item received 5 stars overall. (06/11/2009)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Easy

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Prepare yourselves for the journey of a lifetime to meet your soul's true mate!

Evaluator Comments

Do you need a little strength for the journey? The Fulfillment of All Desire might just be what the Doctors ordered.  As we attempt to travel that narrow road that will lead us to eternal bliss, this book will provide a source of comfort along the way. The author, Ralph Martin, presents the reader with a terrific guidebook for the journey to God. Have you ever wondered why our lives sometimes seem riddled with so much difficulty and suffering? In 400+ incredible pages, through the wisdom of seven of the leading Doctors of the Catholic Church, the author directs us through the various stages of the spiritual life leading our souls to that complete union with God, our heart's true desire!

This book is divided into three parts: The Purgative Way, The Illuminative Way and The Unitive Way.
Each part includes chapters on the various elements that make up each of these stages in the journey. Many will find the Purgative Way to be the most difficult as this is the initial stage in the conversion process where our addiction to sin must be purged. The author introduces us to each of these seven holy people including Francis de Sales, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross and Therese of Lisieux who have made this journey before us with great success. He includes a brief introduction to their lives and intersperses saintly wisdom throughout the pages of each chapter. We learn about the joys and pitfalls of the spiritual journey understanding that, without God, we can do nothing.

I found my attention drawn to the pages discussing such pitfalls as immature zeal, spiritual gluttony, scrupulosity, and spiritual dryness. The reader comes to understand how important the “dark nights” are to an individual's spiritual growth and that the very trials and sufferings of this earthly life are necessary in  sanctifying the soul, thereby uniting us more closely with our Creator. The author goes on to explain how we can  easily get “out of shape” in the spiritual life just as our physical bodies can easily get “out of shape” without exercise. 

Mr. Martin has written a literary treasure which should be read over and over again and shared with others.  It is timely and easy to read, yet  full of deep meaning. The Fulfillment of All Desire is rich in  “Aha” moments which propel the reader forward with the desire to learn more. This is a book for those beginning the journey to God and those already on the road seeking greater self-knowledge and wisdom and unity with our heavenly Father. A great read! 

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