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Catholic Review of: The Rosary for the Holy Souls in Purgatory

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Author:  Susan Tassone

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This item received 5 stars overall. (02/26/2010)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Easy

CassBy Cass (SC) - See all my reviews


Perfect pocket sized book for anyone who loves the rosary.

Evaluator Comments

Anyone who enjoys praying the rosary will love this book. I rarely have the chance to pray the rosary peacefully at home. Usually I fit it in while I'm at the children's gymnastics classes or some other similar location. This has always been a bit of a challenge for me. I forget the mysteries or a certain prayer or have trouble focusing and it's discouraging. This book has been a blessing. It's small enough that it easily fits in my purse so I have all of the prayers and mysteries right there wherever I go. I like how the mysteries are already broken apart to give you one line from their passage to focus on for each Hail Mary. Not only has this helped me stay focused, but that piece by piece view has helped me understand and love each mystery even more each time I go through them.

The other thing I love about this book is that it is not just the mysteries. Many rosary books I have seen show you how to pray it, list all of the prayers, and give you the mysteries. This book does all of that, but it also gives you ideas on how to pray a fruitful rosary, lists the 15 promises made by Blessed Mother Mary to those who pray the rosary, and offers a few other prayers and wonderful little tidbits as well. The ideas given for praying a fruitful rosary have been wonderful. They have helped me strengthen my prayer, and gave me the guidance I needed to offer it up so it felt like it actually was going towards my intentions in a way I hadn't felt before.

I can't say enough about this book. It will be living in my purse for years to come. I couldn't imagine not having this book and a rosary on hand at all times.

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