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Catholic Review of: Is Jesus Coming Soon?

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Author:  Ralph Martin

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This item received 4 stars overall. (06/04/2009)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Intermediate

 Mike DavisBy Mike Davis (CO) - See all my reviews


The perfect antidote to End Times hysteria.

Evaluator Comments

I really think every Catholic should read this book. Wouldn't you like an answer to the question "is Jesus coming soon?" Have you considered that, well, it might be an important question?

A couple years ago family and friends of mine started to succumb to what I like to call "End Times hysteria." You know, every time something bad happens, people think "Oh, no, its the End of the world!" Maybe that's human nature, but I find it a bit disconcerting. You hear others say that such-and-such just happened/is happening/will happen soon and that it is one of the signs that the End is near. Such moments call for reason and understanding.

We live in a time and culture where so-called "Biblical Christians" (typically evangelical or fundamentalist Protestants) get a lot of press. You and I know they are always telling us the End is near. I remember many instances in my lifetime, and I'm not that old (really!) when certain well-known fundamentalist preachers have predicted the End. Hal Lindsey famously did it in the 1980's. The problem comes down to their uncanny ability to pick and choose from the Bible and, by doing that, they make a terrible mess and confuse a lot of people along the way, sadly. You known the old saying "you can prove anything with statistics?" Well, you can "prove" anything with Scripture if you pick out pieces, out of context, and decide all on your own "hey, I know what this means!" I've come to think this wackiness is the hallmark of the so-called "Biblical Christians."

Ralph Martin, the author and apologist, presents us with an antidote to all this hysteria. Wisely, he looks at the entirety of what Scripture tells us about the End of the world. You simply can't just take one or two bits, after all that makes no sense, you must look and consider the entirety of Divine Revelation. Its so much more that the Book of Revelation or the Book of Daniel. Its not simply the Apocalyptic writings of Scripture which speak of the End. Our Lord himself, all through the Gospels, speaks to us many times about the End. I don't know about you, but I put my trust in what He said about the End much more than anything else I might read.

Surprisingly, there are a very many quite specific things that must comes to pass before Our Lord returns and the End cometh.  Do you know what they are? Ralph Martin superbly outlines them. I think you'll be quite taken aback by what you find. You need to know what they are. It is important. Read this book and find out. Have a copy of the Bible with you. It's all there.


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