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Catholic Review of: Dominus Est - It Is The Lord

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Author:  Most Rev. Athanasius Schneider

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This item received 5 stars overall. (02/23/2010)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Advanced

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A Book Every Priest Should Have

Evaluator Comments

If to be brief is to be wise, Bishop Athanasius Schneider has written a very wise book indeed, at just over 60 pages. In Dominus Est-It Is the Lord!: Reflections of a Bishop of Central Asia on Holy Communion, Schneider writes a short yet forceful case for increased devotion to and reverence for the Eucharist in today’s Church.

Schneider begins by relating the experiences of his family and of trying to maintain the Catholic faith and Eucharistic devotion in his native Kazakhstan under Soviet oppression.

Drawing upon this history of Eucharistic piety, Schneider shows us in the style of a legal brief the critical importance of reverence for the Eucharist, especially during the sacred liturgy. Schneider demonstrates that how we behave and approach Our Lord in Holy Communion will have a profound effect on what we believe about this sacrament, for our doctrines and our liturgy are united. For example, he shows how Calvinist churches in Holland specifically prohibited kneeling at communion for the express purpose of teaching their congregations against transubstantiation. Schneider presents a strong argument for a return to the traditional practices of receiving Holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue. To the reader who may be questioning whether or not a return to these practices is desirable, they would do well to read this book. To the reader who is already convinced of this, they would do well to buy dozens of copies of this book and give them to their priests.

-Mark D. Barrett, Esq. (from Laywitness Magazine

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