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Elisabeth Leseur: Selected Writings

Elisabeth Leseur
Janet K. Ruffing

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Catholic Reviews of Elisabeth Leseur: Selected Writings

Overall Rating: This item received 5 stars overall. (01/09/2013)
Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Intermediate
Synopsis: Very highly recommended: A spiritual writer for the modern world
From The Cover

Elisabeth Leseur
Edited by Janet K. Ruffing

This volume, the first in the highly praised Classics of Western Spirituality series to venture into the 20th century, introduces the writings of Elisabeth Leseur (1800-1914), a French laywoman who left a precious record of a remarkable inner spiritual journey that was all but hidden from those who knew her. Leseur confronted the twin challenges of serious illness and her husband's agnosticism, which pained her, but didn't prevent her from being happily married. Inspired by a spirituality of the communion of saints, Leseur approached these issues by becoming a loving presence in her familial and social circles. She participated in all of the major theological developments that led to Vatican II as well, but she has been a missing figure in the history of spirituality until now.

This first and only edition of Elisabeth Leseur’s works brings together insights from the entire corpus of a key lay figure in the history of Christian spirituality. The works included are: Journal and Daily Thoughts, Writings on Christian Vocation, Letters to Unbelievers (Selected), Letters on Suffering (selected).

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