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Catholic Review of: No Turning Back

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Author:  Fr. Donald H. Calloway, M.I.C.

  • Average Rating: This item received 4 1/2 stars overall.
  • Marian Press
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This item received 5 stars overall. (06/29/2010)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Intermediate

KarenBy Karen (NJ) - See all my reviews


A captivating story from beginning to end

Evaluator Comments

I recently had the opportunity to read Fr. Donald Calloway's No Turning Back A Witness to Mercy.  Reading this book was nothing short of captivating.  In fact, I had a really hard time putting this book down.  No Turning Back is Fr. Calloway's powerful conversion story.

As I read this book I found myself in shock and disbelief at much of what was in Fr. Calloway's description of his troubled youth.  If this was a fictional story I would have guessed that the author had an incredibly wild imagination and was trying way to hard to portray the ultimate bad boy.  Reconciling the fact that this was actually a non-fiction account of the past of a Catholic priest simply blew me away.   His story is one that grips you and takes you on a tour of his downward spiral into self-destruction.  Just when you think his life couldn't have gotten any worse you turn to the next chapter and see just how much closer he brought himself to total self destruction.

His conversion itself seems nothing short of miraculous.  Through an unlikely encounter with a book about Our Lady his life took an amazing turn that lead not only to his fast and furious conversion to Catholicism, but also lead him down the road to the priesthood.  He went from being a substance abusing youth to a man with a purpose and an inspiring testimony to bear.  He really is, as he puts it in his book, the poster child for Divine Mercy.

This book is nothing short of inspiring.  From beginning to end Fr. Calloway's story is simply riveting. For more information on this book or to purchase, please visit Aquinas and More Catholic Goods.

I wrote this review of No Turning Back for the Tiber River Blogger Review program created by Aquinas and More Catholic Goods, the largest Catholic store online.  I was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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