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Catholic Review of: Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons?

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Author:  Matthew Pinto

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This item received 4 stars overall. (07/20/2010)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Intermediate

 Dorian SpeedBy Dorian Speed (TX) - See all my reviews


Good resource for catechists of middle schoolers and up

Evaluator Comments

Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons? You can find the answer to that (page 31) and 199 other questions from Catholic teenagers in this collection by Matthew Pinto. Based on his experiences in working with young adults, Pinto compiled questions on a variety of teachings and presents them in a short-and-sweet manner.  
From author Matthew J. Pinto's introduction:
Contrary to popular belief, young people do not run away from the Church's "tough" teachings (or get bored in religious education class) when Catholic truth is presented clearly and with conviction.  Young Catholics are looking for a rock on which to stand, a firm foundation in an ever-changing world.

The book contains extensive cross-references to both Scripture and the Catechism. For this reason, it's a great resource for those working with adolescents, RCIA candidates, or anyone who wants to learn more about Catholicism. If you're a teacher trying to create lessons that will anticipate students' concerns or questions, this book will be an asset as you prepare for your classes. And if you're a student of any age who'd like to learn more about our faith, you can easily skip around from one chapter to the next, letting your curiosity be your guide.
The challenge with building a text around teenagers' questions is that the answers can sometimes seem arbitrary if taken out of context - there's the overriding question of "by what authority does the Church teach any of this?"  So, if you're using this for a class, I would suggest you keep coming back to that question when reading and discussing the questions and Pinto's responses.  But the text is very good in that he's chosen some realistic and tough questions to address - things like "Isn't any religion the right religion depending on the culture from which you come?"
I'd say this book could be used as a resource for middle schoolers and as a supplementary text for high schoolers and up. 
Once you've got your copy in hand, look up "Nirvana" in the index for a nice little in-joke. At least, I think it's a joke. Some of the entries in the index don't seem to match up with the page numbers, but it's not a big deal, especially since the chapters are organized by topic and the question-and-answer format makes it pretty easy to find what you're looking for.
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