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Catholic Review of: Magnificat Magazine 1 Year Subscription

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This item received 5 stars overall. (08/22/2010)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Intermediate

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Magnificat is an aid in my spiritual life

Evaluator Comments

I have been a subscriber of the Magnificat magazine for a little over a year. I really love this little magazine that comes every month. It is one of the best purchases I made for myself. Originally, I had thought to use this only for the daily Mass readings. I have now found that I also read the short editorials and the explanation on a piece of art.

I find that even if I am not able to attend daily Mass, I can still read the exact same readings that I would have heard at Mass. I like to use the Magnificat as a meditation aid on the Scripture for the day. The Magnificat is a great help in this because there is a meditation following the daily readings that is applicable to the readings!
The Magnificat has been an indispensible aid in my spiritual life, helping me to stay focused during Mass. I have just recently started to use the Magnificat to follow along with the Eucharistic Prayers. I have to say that without my Magnificat, my mind wanders at Mass.

The Magnificat is also a great size; it fits in every purse I own so I am never without it.

I know some people really like the Morning and Evening Prayer in the Magnificat. I am going to honestly say that I don’t. I prayed the Divine Office with the 4-volume Liturgy of the Hours set long before I subscribed to the Magnificat. Personally, I prefer the longer version, including more psalms. The Magnificat version is a good version for beginning to pray the Office and I do wish I had used it first. It makes the Office much easier to get into the habit of praying when it isn’t quite so long.

I highly recommend a Magnificat subscription to every Catholic.
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