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Catholic Review of: Every Day Of Lent And Easter

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This item received 5 stars overall. (04/25/2011)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Children

 Shannon GriffinBy Shannon Griffin (MO) - See all my reviews


a great addition to any family for Lent and Easter we enjoyed using it very much this Lent.

Evaluator Comments

Every Day of Lent and Easter is a book chock full of activities to do with your children. While the book states grades 1-3 I was able to use this mainly with my just turned 5 year old. With my help she was able to do most of the book, we saved the harder activities for her 10 year old sister. I liked the variety of activities this booklet provided making this Lent and Easter season fun and a wonderful learning experience. It includes a Lenten Calendar and does a great job at explaining the traditions of the season for children to have a better understanding.  Every day Lent and Easter helps your child practice prayer, almsgiving and penence. This is a great addition to any family.
This book is a great addition to a families Lent and Easter season for great activities that span many ages. While it states grades 1-3 my girls ages 5 and 10 enjoyed it just the same. I liked that it had simple activity pages (grade 1) that my 5 year old could do with my help or big sister helping her. While at the same time my oldest age 10 could enjoy some of the harder activities. The best part they learned all about Easter and Lent while having fun. I will keep this in mind for next Lent and Easter season next year. The Lenten calendar was a great way to keep track of the days in Lent and countdown to Easter Sunday and the Easter bunny. Sprite enjoyed the cut and paste picture puzzles and the Lenten Calendar. I also enjoyed this with Sprite since next year she will be attending kindergarten at a catholic school so this was similar to what she will be doing and learning for kindergarten. 

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