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Catholic Review of: The Reed Of God

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Author:  Caryll Houselander

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This item received 5 stars overall. (02/06/2011)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Easy

 Christina KingBy Christina King ( ) - See all my reviews


Absolutely an Amazing treasure for anyone feeling

Evaluator Comments

Caryl Houselander was a chain smoking , gin drinking eccentric in her younger days.  Through a mystical experience, as well as a friend of the family, who was an atheist, she had encounters with Jesus that transformed her life.
Each chapter of Reed of God is better than the last as she gently brings the reader through profound insights of the Mercy of God and our worthiness to be loved by Him.  Her chapter on emptiness, reveals that regardless of how we are formed, as a reed is hallowed out with a sharp knife, a chalice is pounded by blows of a hammer or a nest is shaped with downy soft feathers and a tender loving breast of a bird, we too are formed by these methods but the shape we will take ultimately serves God with a purpose.  When the breath of God blows through us as through a reed, we will play beautiful music. 
The theology of this book is truly like a spiral.  Advanced readers and Easy readers can both benefit from this book.  Because this book is written in such a spiral way, you can read the chapters one at a time and no matter your experience or reading level you will understand what is being shared.  For those who are more advanced in Theology, you will see how she cleverly  ties deep theological insights into her words but is such a way that if you are not ready for them, they are veiled from you. For those who find theology difficult but desire to learn more about faith this is perfect.
For those who have had a life of abuse or suferring, or perhaps you have scruples and believe yourself to not be worthy, or believe that being "good" means just praying and fasting all day long, then you must read this short easy to understand book.  It is seeped in theology but the greatest part is that is leaves the reader refreshed, inspired and convinced that he or she is not only worthy of God's love but can, with God's mercy and love, change the world with their own purpose and form. 
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