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Catholic Review of: Blood Money DVD

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  • Average Rating: This item received 5 stars overall.
  • Ignatius Press
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This item received 5 stars overall. (05/28/2011)

Orthodoxy: Some questionable material.
Reading Level: Advanced

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This is going to change lives.

Evaluator Comments

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect going into seeing this film. I've seen plenty of preachy pro-life videos that take the wrong approach of hatred and judgement. So, I was a little skeptical going into seeing Blood Money. It proved me wrong. In a well produced, well layed-out, and totally real setting, Blood Money explores the buisness of abortion. 
It doesn't sugar coat the business of abortion, but it doesn't necessarily take the extremist point of view either. It's not completely religiously based, but we see priests and pastors being interviewed on the film. The descriptions and videos are pretty graphic at points. Obviously, it was disturbing. But it's a video on abortion. What is expected? 
I wouldn't show this in relgious education classes or to children. I'm 15 years old and I definitely think it's okay for high schoolers to see, if treated maturely. I think a discussion after showing would be helpful to decompress a bit, and to talk through what is shown in the movie.  The film has the potential to change lives. It provides legitmate reasons and logic, as well as science, philosophy, and real world examples. I liked the balance between all of these. It wasn't just a bunch of women telling their stories, but at the same time, it wasn't just a bunch of professors and facts. The balance created a really strong case that was motivating and relatable. 
I also liked how it addressed all walks of life. Impoverished areas, wealthy areas, and middle income areas. 
Overall, I think Blood Money is definitely worth seeing. Go into it knowing that it's a movie about abortion- not all butterflies and rainbows. But at the same time, there is a message of redemption and hope through Christ that is shared. It is well made, well defined, and very understandable. 

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