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Catholic Review of: The Lamb's Supper

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Author:  Dr. Scott Hahn, Ph.D.

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This item received 5 stars overall. (09/08/2011)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Intermediate

Joseph K.By Joseph K. (MI) - See all my reviews


A great book to begin your journey as to a deeper understanding of the Mass.

Evaluator Comments

The Lamb's Supper is an excellent primer on The Mass. Dr. Scott Hahn is able to take complex subjects, such as the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Book of Revelation and explain their connection at the most basic level. This book would be excellent for any Catholic who wants to understand the biblical and historical context and meaning of the Mass. I suggest this book to any of my Catholic friends who are looking to being their exploration of what exactly it is that we as Catholics do each week when we attend Church for a Mass. Every Catholic should read this book at some point in their life, and they should have it on their shelf as an evangelization and "Journey Home" book for their fallen away Catholic friends.
My thoughts:
The book, like all of Dr. Hahn's books, is a fairly easy read. There are some concepts and discussions that get somewhat academic and analytical but not to the point that the average reader cant follow along. In essence, that is his talent: taking complex subjects and distilling them for wide consumption. Because the Mass is the central arena for the Catholic faith, this book is important because it explains the reason for the primacy of place of the Mass.
The overall theme is that the Mass is a small slice of Heaven on Earth. This isn't just an analogy or even an allegory, but an actuality and a fact. Hahn takes the book of Revelation and explains what the Mass is, where it comes from biblically, and then is able to instruct the reader how the Mass fits this thesis. 
As you read the book Hahn takes you on a journey through Revelation, the Mass, and the Redemptive journey of a Catholic. It sketches for you, the reader, what happens at Mass and what the Mass is in our world.
Granted, there are books that go deeper in an academic sense into the Mass in various ways, but this book is a great book for anyone looking to begin that journey. When compared to Pope Benedict's "Spirit of the Liturgy" of "Feast of Faith" it might not have the same meat to it, but it certainly belongs in the same discussion. It presents a depth of information at an attainable level. 
I think that every Catholic should read this book, if for no other reason that to know what it says when other Catholics discuss it. I think that even the most advanced Catholics "students" will get something from the book. For the average reader, like myself, it gave me a deeper understanding of the Mass from an "everyday" standpoint, and from a biblical context. You should own it, and have it on your shelf ready to loan or give out!
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