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Catholic Review of: The Divine Mercy Chaplet for Kids

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  • Average Rating: This item received 5 stars overall.
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This item received 5 stars overall. (06/18/2012)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Children

 Jessica AndersonBy Jessica Anderson (FL) - See all my reviews


Beautiful Chaplet for the Whole Family!

Evaluator Comments

The Divine Mercy Chaplet for Kids is a beautiful depiction the Chaplet for the entire family. Sister Faustina is the host of this illustrated Divine Mercy Chaplet. Along with Sister Faustina is a group of young children that learning to say the Chaplet. Sister Faustina explains the way to properly pray the Chaplet and explains when to meditate on the Sorrowful Mysteries. The Sorrowful Mysteries are accurately portrayed and but is still sensitive to the eyes of the youngest viewers. The reactions of the children with Sister Faustina help children viewers to understand the overwhelming love that Jesus has for us and the importance of his sacrifice he made for us all. The children characters are easy to relate to and are shown participating in activities such as studying, playing with friends and receiving Reconciliation. I love how all of these daily activities are tied back to the Catholic Faith and the importance of how Jesus wants us to be self-sacrificing and forgiving people.

There are several learning tools utilized in this DVD that make a profound impact on children's ability to retain the prayers and how to use your rosary. The Chaplet is said out loud with Sister Faustina as the lead but it is also captioned below in an easy to follow format. The rosary is also shown along the bottom and lights each bead as the corresponding prayer in the Chaplet is said. In addition to the teaching of this important prayer, I love the music that corresponds with the illustrated story. My oldest son, who is only four, knows the Chaplet by heart thanks to this DVD and very often sings the "Thank you, my dear Jesus" song.  This DVD is the best way to make learning the Chaplet for children of any age easy and fun! 

You can purchase this DVD here.

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