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Catholic Review of: Magnificat Magazine 1 Year Subscription

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This item received 5 stars overall. (04/28/2014)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Easy

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Magnificat: a boost to your spiritual life in 30 minutes a day

Evaluator Comments

I'm always interested in reading books or articles that will show me how to increase my spiritual life, to concentrate my focus on the Divine rather than the mundane.  I've found it harder, as my children have gotten older, to find the time for spiritual reading.

Until now.

I received the Magnificat Magazine (a monthly) for review and I couldn't be more pleased.  If you've never seen one, I'll describe it: it's the size of a paperback book so it fits neatly into a man's suit pocket or a woman's purse.  The cover is usually graced with a lovely piece of religious art -- which is explained within the magazine.  There are always a couple of meditations written on a central theme by modern theologians, usually developing something the Holy Father has said or a current world situation.  Further, there is always a work of art that pertains to the month in some way; for example, in the January 2013 issue, the artwork was a painting by Ribot (1823-1891) of St. Vincent of Saragosa, a saint whose feast day is celebrated during January.  The article that accompanies this additional artwork delves into the symbolism, artist's intent and generally draws out all that the artwork has to offer. 

This is all well and good and helps a bit with my spiritual reading; but, there is more.

The real heart of the Magnificat is its prayers and Mass readings for everyday of the month.    Each day starts with morning prayers (as prayed in monasteries and convents throughout the world) and scripture.  The day then turns to the Mass for the day, starting out with a meditation to focus the reader's thoughts on the Mass prayers -- if it's a saint's feast day, the meditation focusses on the saint, otherwise the meditation is a thought-provoker for the readings/Gospel read in the Mass.  The day concludes with evening prayer and a final, longer meditation from a Church father, saint or theologian that sums up the day's readings.

In other words, in about 30-45 minutes each day, I can focus my morning prayers, my midday or Mass prayers, and then my evening meditation.  It's all in this little monthly periodical.

Modern theologians work together to publish this monthly magazine:  Dominicans, Benedictines and lay people compile the readings, meditations, theological excerpts into a cohesive whole that has already helped my spiritual life.  Also, the art history is a great way to get my children interested in religious art with its depth of symbolism and meaning while the saint of the day may be an unknown saint allowing us to learn more about the Body of Christ through the saints God has sent amongst us.

I highly recommend a subscription to all those who want to increase their spiritual life, improve their prayer time, focus their meditations.  The Magnificat packs a ton of spiritual focus into a few ounces of paper.  And you get one EVERY month!



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