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Catholic Review of: Magnificat Magazine 1 Year Subscription

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This item received 5 stars overall. (04/28/2014)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Advanced

TCSG Barbara SoaresBy TCSG Barbara Soares (NJ) - See all my reviews


An Inspirational and Informative Guide!

Evaluator Comments

When my sister first introduced me to the Magnificat, I assumed it was just  a bookdlet containing a month's worth of readings for mass. I was very wrong in my assumption because these magazines are not only a great accompaniment for mass services, but great tools for everyday spiritual life. 

While I may not be able to go to daily mass due to my job schedule, I often end up with a bit of reading time during my commute to work. I have started keeping the Magnificat in my bag so that I can read it on the train or in the subway in order to refresh my prayer life. 

In the United States, the Magnificat is available as 6 month, 1 year, 2 year, and 4 year subscriptions and is available in a large print format. For those of you considering the 1 year subscription, you will receive 13 issues, one for each month and another for Holy Week. 

The cover of each Magnificat depicts religious artwork that ranges in style and artistry. Towards the end of the magazine, you will get a short essay on the history and significance of the piece featured on the cover as well as another piece featured within the magazine. With each work, you get a little background on the artist as well as a description and analysis of the work, detailing the history, technique used, and its religious significance.  

Each magazine will also include meditations and editorials that are bound to inspire you in your prayers and reflections. Also noteworthy are the "Saints of Yesterday and Today" segments, which feature a colorful collection of saints from every walk of life. I found that these saint stories have helped me reflect on my life as a Catholic and find areas in my life that I can improve upon. 

For each day of the month, you will find a morning prayer, an evening prayer, a hymn, a psalm, intercessory prayers, a saint of the day, a meditation, and a few other pieces that pertain to the mass readings for that particular day. The readings for the mass are included in their entirety with a highlight in the beginning to explore the overall context. I found this highlight to be helpful in interpreting the mass readings and the message they are meant to convey. 

I'm a cradle Catholic who has a pretty good understanding about what happens throughout the mass. Even so, I found the Order of Mass section of the Magnificat to be incredibly helpful in catching the prayers, etc. spoken by the priest throughout various portions of mass. I've gone to mass my whole life and was under the impression that I had already memorized every prayer by heart, but I was proven wrong by this very enlightening section of the magazine. I also greatly appreciated how a Latin translation was offered for several prayers and various songs for Eucharistic Adoration. 

Overall, I have been very pleased with the content of the Magnificat. For people as busy as I am, the Magnificat is a great supplement to everyday spiritual life. It contains essays by various religious brothers ans sisters as well as authors, theologians, scholars, etc. I don't have as much time as I would like to invest in reading religious works, so I really appreciate the summaries and reflections offered by the Magnificat. Furthermore, the Magnificat is published in a way that allows readers to experience the works and writing styles of various religious writers. As a result, it may help readers make more informed decisions when deciding what religious works and authors they would like to explore further. I highly recommend a subscription to Magnifica to Catholics-on-the-run as well as Catholics who would like to find a way to improve their spiritual lives and habits. 

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